GHP staff and students strive to produce high-quality peer-reviewed research on global and planetary health. We present in this section our latest peer-reviewed publications, student dissertations, and reports to government and private bodies.

PhD Dissertations

  • 2023

    Rauniyar Santosh Kumar

    Projection of morbidity and mortality due to breast cancer between 2020 and 2050 across 42 low-and middle-income countries

  • 2021

    Haruka Sakamoto

    Global Health and Japan: G7 presidency in the 2016 Ise-Shima Summit and beyond

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  • 2021

    Leung Chi Yan

    Sugary drink consumption and cancer risks of kidney, bladder,and colorectum

  • 2021

    Huang Hsi Lan

    Dietary glycemic index, dietary glycemic load, sugar drink intake, and risk of all-cause and cause-specific mortality

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  • 2021

    Floriano Amimo

    Effects of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine resistance on the effectiveness of policies for preventive treatment of malaria in Africa: a systematic analysis of national trends
    スルファドキシン-ピリメタミン耐性がマラリアの予防的治療に関する政策の有効性に及ぼす影響 : アフリカ諸国における系統的傾向分析

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  • 2021

    Haruyo Nakamura

    Developing and validating regression models for predicting household consumption for the health insurance in Cambodia

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  • 2015

    Stuart Gilmour

    Forecasting HIV in Japan.

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  • 2014

    Sarah Krull Abe

    Rice intake and colorectal cancer in Japanese men and women: the Japan Public Health Center-based prospective Study (JPHC Study)

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  • 2014

    Eiko Saito

    Out-of-pocket health payments and coping strategies in urban Nepal
    ネパール都市部における医療費自己負担と 対処戦略に関する研究

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  • 2012

    Ganchimeg Togoobaatar

    Maternal and perinatal outcomes among adolescent primiparas in developing countries: a multi-country analysis
    発展途上国の若年初産婦における周産期転帰に関する研究 -多国間調査分析-

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  • 2012

    Md. Mizanur Rahman

    Determinants of out-of-pocket health payments, catastrophic expenditures and coping strategies in urban Bangladesh.
    バングラデシュ都市部における医療費自己負担、高額医療費支出 及び対処戦略の決定要因に関する研究

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  • 2011

    Makoto Tobe

    Catastrophic out-of-pocket expenses for inpatient care among beneficiaries. 2011

  • 2011

    Risa Nakayama

    Social capital and mental health in Mitrovica, Kosovo. 2011

  • 2011

    Windy Mariane Virenia Wariki

    Behavioral interventions for preventing the transmission of HIV infection among sex workers in Indonesia: A cost-effectiveness analysis. 2011
    インドネシアにおけるセックスワーカーの行動介入による HIV感染症予防に関する費用効果分析

  • 2010

    Gai Ruoyan(Tobe RG)

    Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Neonatal Hearing Screening Program in China. 2010

  • 2009

    Phathammavong Outavong

    The role of community-based antenatal care to promote mother and child health in rural Lao PDR. 2009

  • 2008

    Zhuo Zhang

    Assessment of an interventional education program to prevent bloodborne infections among medical students in Fujian province in China. 2008

  • 2006

    Yoshihisa Shirayama

    The progress of malaria control in Khammouane province, Laos: an Active Case Detection (ACD) survey of P. falciparum malaria using Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs), and development of Geographic Information System (GIS) maps. 2006

  • 2004

    Hirotsugu Aiga

    Access to continuing professional education among health workers in Ghana. 2004

  • 2002

    Makiko Noguchi

    Analysis of childbirth at a birthing home in Japan : what is needed for safe motherhood strategy? (in Japanese). 2002